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My fault I guess, Fiverr denied some gigs. Finally back! Few orders coming in

Guest bellawhite

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Guest bellawhite


I’ll make this short. I’m a level two seller on fiverr. Had personal challenges that kept me offline for quite a long time (my apologies to those whose messages I couldn’t reply). I lost my dad. It was just so shocking I forgot I had any business online. Worst still, I did not turn on vacation mood and as a result had many orders cancelled and messages unreplied. The day I finally checked my mail, I was stunned. So many Fiverr notifications. Then I remembered, my vacation mood was off all this while. I quickly logged in but what I saw wasn’t pleasant at all. It seemed to me as if all my efforts were thrown down. Not only were orders cancelled, I discovered fiverr has denied two of my top selling gigs.

I thought of quitting fiverr for another site. The thought of starting new gigs again was discouraging. But I’ve decided to give another try. So finally I’m back, I have set up some new gigs again. It hasn’t been smooth like before getting sales, but few orders coming in is a bit encouraging. I just hope my new gigs will get more sales again.

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