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Need Help to get orders


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Sorry for this topic,but i’m trying hard to get my first order in fiverr.

I’m a graphic designer and i made 2 Gigs to offer a good service.

I’ve read some tips but still have nothing yet, and i really need some help here just to get started…

Here is my Gigs:

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Reply to @kjblynx:

Thank you, I really appreciate your advice and i have to explain that i had another account ‘’ yassined3s’’ level2… but I wanted to start over with a purpose to get 100% customers satisfaction…

All my Gig’s images are created by me and i have the psd files… some of the designs were used in my previous account…

That all what i want to say,and thank you so much for your time.

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Hi, as a marketing expert and as a member on fiverr, this has to be the most popular question ever. It does amaze me that people think they can put their gigs on fiverr and then sit back and receive orders, sorry it does not work that way.

Fiverr gigs are the same as any type of sales. If our clients off fiverr in our normal daily working life just set up a business and did not promote themselves then they would not earn any money, that is why they come to me and hire people like me.

For you to increase sales you need to do many things including:

Send out press releases about your services

Use social media to promote your services, so many different ones out there

Write articles about your services

Go to relevant forums and talk about your services

It is so important that you promote your services to gain sales. If you do not promote then you will not increase your sales.

I am not sure where you are based, but have a look at your local media for promotion. You can even put some leaflets together and drop them off around your area.

The answer to gaining sales is, be good at what you do and promote, promote, promote.

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