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  1. I think there should be a seperate section for this question because it gets asked all the time. I have answered this question more times than I can remember. As public relations and marketing experts we have people contacting us all the time asking for free advice. As I have gone over this subject many times, I will cut my answer right down. If you are looking to increase sales then the following steps are places to start Contact local media and make them aware of your services (full explanation of this on other forums I have posted to)Use online marketing, twitter, facebook, press releases, and other methodsJoin networking groups and hand out cards with your servicesCreate a blog about your servicesThese are just a few of the methods that people should use. A lot of people think they can create a gig and then orders will come quick and fast, it does not work that way. If you want to be a seller earning $1,000 or more a week then you need to work at it and use the above steps and other online marketing methods to generate sales.
  2. As marketing experts this seems to be the most common question we get asked by fiverr members, and seems to be one of the most common questions on the forum. Maybe we should have a special section to educate sellers as it would benefit Fiverr. There are many places to promote your services, you have online magazines, Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, press releases, advertising sites. Also, you have places in your local area to promote your services. See if the local media would be interested in what you are doing, see if they will run a story on you. Contact your local radio station and speak to them. Local media are always after some great stories.
  3. Hi, we offer press release writing and distribution services. https://www.fiverr.com/in2town/professional-press-release-service-by-journalists We distribute the press release through popular paid for services. I have just posted a limited special offer on myfiverr gigs, where we will for the next couple of days only, help fiverr sellers to gain more exposure.
  4. We achieved nearly 1000 orders within eight months and as such we get asked the question of how can I increase my sales. We have just put a brand new service together to help people out in promoting their Fiverr gig, but I just wanted to try and explain something to people. A lot of people who ask us for advice say they have not received any orders or have not received many orders. We ask them the same thing, what have you done to promote you gig? A lot of people come back to us and say they have done nothing as they thought fiverr did that all for them. If you want to increase your traffic to your gig then you need to promote the gig and promote it the right way. It may sound easy coming from me as we have a large team here, where we have marketing experts, public relations experts and media people, but the honest truth is, you need three things to increase sales. Your gig has to be a good one Your description has to say what the job does You need to market your gig. If you do not market your gig then you cannot expect sales. If you do all three as above then you can increase sales.
  5. i have received my card, withdraw the money to put on the card but then it vanished, it is not on my card. it says i would receive an email with the next step to take but i have not received anything. I have contact the card people, no reply, i have contacted fiverr customer services, no reply, which is not shocking because i asked them a question over three weeks ago and still not received a reply from that. Something needs to be done about customer services, it seems like they do not care
  6. There are many methods to promote your fiverr gig, online as well as offline but first of all make sure that your gig description is understandable to people visiting your site. As a online marketing company, we have seen a lot of gigs that do not make sense, they are not grab the person who is visiting, you need to grab their attention within the first ten seconds.
  7. As Public Relations and Marketing and online marketing professionals, we attend a lot of business clubs and breakfast clubs on behalf of our clients, where we network with people. Now if you are not aware of these clubs, they are places where you can meet other business people and some of them, you have a club where you can have other people within the group passing on work to you, by recommending people they know onto you or by passing your name around. Now, lets start at a breakfast club, imagine you have 30 people at the breakfast club, this is the normal standard. These 30 people could or could not become your customers but what they can do is, they can also once they trust you, help you to gain work by letting people know about you. Now this is like have a sales team of 30. All you need to do is to give them some of your fiverr business cards and they can pass them around. Another method is, Business Clubs, these are a bit different but not much. These are the ones that we attend on behalf of our clients. We go to these clubs where they are normally dinner clubs where we listen to someone talk, network and then we site at a dinner table and eat and network while we eat and then network afterwards. We generate a lot of business for our clients by attending and networking. Now if you attend these, you could network with people, explain what you do on fiverr and pass your card around. By networking with people, you can then gain business and increase sales.
  8. Use online marketing. As marketing experts for some very clients we have been surprised that not many people on Fiverr are using online marketing. If you are offering a service online then you really need to focus to promoting your services online. We are knew to Fiverr but have noticed people are struggling to sell their services so we have created a gig to help people. You can also use your local media such as radio stations, newspapers etc.
  9. As a newbie on Fiverr I am really shocked when it comes to feedback or the lack of it. What I mean is. We are a media company where we have different sections which includes publishing online magazines, PR Department and also a Marketing Department and we decided to join Fiverr to help small business owners who could not afford normal prices of marketing services and we wanted to give something back as maybe one day that small company will become a large company. However, our normal customers who pay big bucks for our services always thank us, but we have noticed some, just a handful of people who have used our services have not left any feedback and this shocks us. One customer was coming back to us all the time for our services, now remember these services are ones that cost a lot more offline. For example, for a normal press release we would charge £150 but on Fiverr people are buying our service for $5 and this customer was never leaving feedback but kept coming back to use our service. We sent him messages to ask why he was not leaving feedback with no reply and he still ordered the service so we decided to inform him that we felt it was unfair of him not to leave any feedback for a cut price service and if no feedback was left on the next order then we would not do any more work for him. We did another gig for him and still no feedback but he came back and ordered another gig and we explained we would have to cancel it as we were not prepared to offer a £150 service for $5 with no feedback. This cancellation cost us our rating but it was worth it as i feel it is shocking that someone who is receiving such a low cost service cannot be bothered to leave feedback. Within our company we have a lot of journalists, PR consultants and Marketing experts and at a meeting we had a chat about this Fiverr customer and no one could explain why anyone would do this, why he would not leave feedback but wanted to continue to order the services. I think people need to understand that they are getting a cut price service and should start to leave feedback or if they do not want to leave feedback then they should not order the service and instead pay full price.
  10. We are knew to Fiverr and have been working with large companies for many years now with helping them to market their business online and offline, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, events and the internet, but after hearing about the struggles that the small business owner is having with their marketing and not being able to afford marketing services and after being told about Fiverr, we decided to start offering some of our marketing services to the small business owners on Fiverr. One thing I have noticed when researching Fiverr is the amount of people who are saying, how do they promote their services to gain more traffic so more people can see what they have to offer, the answer is really simple. Off the internet it is a huge world but online it is a small world and this is what you need to focus on. You are offering services through Fiverr to a small world and you need to start using the internet as your marketing tool, it is your shop window. By marketing your services on Fiverr online you will become a success, you will see more traffic to your gig and you will see an increase in sales.
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