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Some Tips of quick Sell


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I am Shopnoraz, Today i share you some tips of quick sell.

This Tips are when you make GIG:

  1. Find out most valuable keyword which have lot of buyer.
  2. Make 20 gig related keyword but topic must be same.
  3. Make different title in your 20 gig.
  4. The main important part is description, your description must be unique and easy to understand your buyer, tell everything you do and point out some problem and there price.
  5. You can give money back guaranty.
  6. When you get level 1 then make gig extra 🙂
  7. You must be provide good tag which related to gig.

    This Tips when you get message for a buyer :

  8. Connect with your buyer when he message you.
  9. Open your Buyer id and check which country he form and check out your time zone and your buyer time zone by this you can easily know when your buyer get online.
  10. You should know each and every thing about work.
  11. If your gig overflow 5$ then suggest him ‘’ tell me your budget i don’t lose any single client’’ by this your client make happy and he say a budget if it low then tell him ‘‘can you add more budget it’s help me to work your work in happy mood’’ then your buyer think and he must be influence to + his budget because every client want there work are perfect and in happy mood you can do a good job.
  12. When you complete your task then message him that my work is done have any other work ? If he said everything okay then delivery the order . If you delivery suddenly buyer make confuse and he try to check it quickly then if u make a single mistake then the buyer make angry so make clear before delivery your order.and it also effect on your review if you message him before delivery then he checkout if everything OK he said OK then you deliver and say please give me a good review 🙂

    Those are the most valuable tips for seller.



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