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Sell gigs but educate the Buyer for free


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It works!, for the buyer and as well as for the seller. If you educate the buyer for their own/business good in true sense, they faith on you will grow and they will surely get back to you or will give you 1st preference for their future job.

But while educating don’t be pushy or hard, it may go against then.

I sell logo and 80% buyer ask for PNG/JPEG for their logo. But I always suggest the buyer to have a vector format (EPS) too, for scalability & future edit. Its a different issue that max of them want me to keep it for them 🙂

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I really agree your point since I also feel it. When I show my customers to I’m more expert in my field, He always trust me more than enough. I don’t worry to teach something that they don’t know about my field, Because I know they can’t refuse my help even I teach them what I do in my gigs. That’s because my fields of mastered cannot be learn within one day or 1 week, It needs large hours of hard working. 🙂


Shyam - WordPress SEO Guy,


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