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Hello i am a new seller

Guest ravikmr701

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Hi @ravikmr701 !

I had a look at your gigs and I like that you’re specializing in one domain. That’s a good sign. So: you’re good with blogs! First thing you need to do is to make a blog and post there all your gigs and the portfolio.

@fine_articles and @jonbaas are right. Start reading 🙂 good information there.

Sorry to disepoint you: no magic formula 🙂

I am in Fiverr with @productionmark but my “branding” for what I do here is “videofiverrgigs” and I made a youtube channel [ http://www.youtube.com/videofiverrgigs ] and a blog [ http://www.videofiverrgigs.blogspot.ca ] to have traffic coming from the internet. That would be a good first step.

Then, you’ll have to understand that whatever you do now will have results in 6 months. So, keep running and the gigs will get clients. The most important thing is to listen to your clients and what they need. This is how I got some of my succesful gigs… the clients suggested to me… and I was like " I should make a gig from it" 🙂

All the best,




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