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I have been liking the Fiverr mobile app more and more especially for the fact that I keep connected while I’m on the road. On the other hand, it couldn’t have saved me recently, when my network broke down during the last few hours on the final day when a job was to be delivered.

Hours subsequently turned to minutes. The only option I had, was to frantically get in touch with someone about 15 miles from me via phone, and nervously instructed him through my Fiverr account pages, to click the request cancellation button, as the remnants of the last minute slithered away. Man, it was like sitting in an electric chair waiting to be executed, when the phone on the wall rings by the governor’s office.

The next day when the system was restored, I withdrew the cancellation and delivered the job.

I could have only used the app to send out some sos messages to the client immediately when the internet went out, but client did not respond and I had to take a swift action.

What if the Fiverr mobile app had had the ability to; display the countdown timer, upload and deliver a file, and activate the request cancellation button?

Then my internet data plan on my phone during those crucial moments would have helped me to override what was meant to be chaotic.

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