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Revenues miscalculating?


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Hi everybody! I am on Fiverr since summer. So far everything was great but I have some issues in understanding of earned money calculations. The first thing I noticed was that my revenues page shows that most of orders since the very start of my gigs have “Revenue for Order Completion” not “Funds Cleared” status. I asked Support Team about it and they assured me that it means nothing. So I stopped all my gigs, waited for 3 weeks for all funds to be cleared, now I have $468 Earned. But when I manually count all the gigs that I’ve done the result is $940. And the sum of all gigs with “Revenue for Order Completion” status is 472 - exactly the missing amount. Please, does anyone have an explanation of this? Thanks!http://forum.fiverr.com/uploads/FileUpload/eb/8b7e34053f16445d6385bf4f4a3f94.jpg

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