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What you Usually do in your Dry periods of Gigs?


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Me personaly offers also a life time support for the services that i’m providing. The main reason im doing this is to gain returning visitors since those are the ones that buy the most items. I also keep clients up to date about new products im offering or changes in my gigs. And one thing I also do sometimes is to offer a discount on a certain gig and than make a forum post about it.

in my opinion its very good to establish a good communication between you and your customers. so that they feel special, and have a 1on1 relation with you, and not just another client. you really need to earn the trust of clients, and one easy way to do so is good communication, and always be honest. they apriciate that.

Hope this helped

Kind regards


EDIT: PS the vacation function can ruin your whole fiverr acount… be carefull using that option/feature if you arent that known yet.

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Dont think Editing will do the job… its just as a company changes his logo or slogan every month… there are more things that are at work than just a few simple changes.

It also has to do with how much potential customers are there on fiverr… how many people offer the same services as you… but maybe better or cheaper… first try to find all that out before even thinking about editing your gigs. dont think it will help you with the search engine either… i edited my gig and when from page 1… to page 3 in the search engine… so that was a bigg lose…

Just making edits isnt really gonna cut it. Atleast it didnt for me 🙂

Ohw and dont forget… fiverr also has its bad day’s and good day’s…

deppending on how much they advertised this month

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I also used to do some changes in my gigs and post them in social media and here in this forum. Daily I am doing same things so sometimes I get orders and there are no orders in some days. I don’t know whether there is any effect from self promotion and editing because I can’t still find any pattern of receiving orders 🙂

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