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New Fiverr Seller


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It’s good to have a model of success. Or more than one.

Can you tell us whose success motivates you?

“One of the top fiverr sellers” is a general description.

It helps to know specifically what conditions must be met to get to the top. Specifically.

What are your credentials?

A graphic designer should showcase his previous work.

You have two gigs and neither gives a URL to a blog with a gallery of your designs.

Showcasing your previous work is especially helpful if you have no sales.

You must keep in mind that buyers don’t like uncertainty.

They think and act in terms of "What’s in it for me."

Dispel uncertainty.

In your gigs you can offer revisions of your work.

You can also guarantee satisfaction.

A video added to your gig description will boost both your visibility and sales.

Even if it is nothing more that a talking head saying what the gig will do for the buyer.


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