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Gigs are denied


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Hi guys

I don’t know i should or should not post this issue to discuss on this forum.

Anyhow its been a long time i am working as a freelancer and joined fiverr.com a few month ago and started to earn much more than other freelancing website. So i decided to work only on fiverr and left my other platforms and also brought a lot of my buyer to fiverr.com.

Last month i was shocked when my 6 gigs were denied because of violating some of their copyrights.

What happened to me, i have sold my logos on on different sites and added those logos on my gigs, and these gigs were denied.

Anyhow i have lost a lot of business this month and fiverr asked me to contact them again in 30 days regarding this issue.

I dont want to leave fiverr.com, can anyone suggest me what to do next


Mustache Designs

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