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It's a Thrill To Be On Fiverr!


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One of my Youtube viewers watching my vlog reached out to me and told me about Fiverr. She thought I could earn income here and I’m always down to earn income in new ways so I tried it. I love it!

I didn’t get ANY sales until I recorded a video for my gigs. Then I got my first sale and I panicked wondering if I could deliver. I Did! She loved my ideas!

Then I sat and watched as more orders came in. It’s always that same THRILLING feeling when an order is placed and that same PANIC when I read the order and I immediately wonder if I can deliver. But I always deliver because this is something I LOVE To do and I do it for fun whenever I can. It’s my pleasure and it’s so easy for me to come up with marketing ideas.

I’m really having a lot of fun on Fiverr. It’s like doing mental exercises where I get to earn money too. People talk a lot of smack about this platform saying it’s for mediocre workers and such but nah- I am in no way mediocre and I’m here.

I hope I get to sell more marketing ideas and have more fun helping people. Thanks Fiverr!

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