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I just noticed this never ending loop of the last 5 reviews on my feedback. Perhaps this is a bug but it does bring an interesting question to the table. This could be a way to protect sellers from malicious attempts of other people to steal their customers or badmouth them with false accusations as I have heard it has happened many times before to some people here. I have read some scary stories already.

I never realized how having a full customer list on public display could easily become the target of very malicious attacks and it basically puts your entire client base in the hands of anyone to spam them with offers and to give a competitor a bad rep by making up stories.

It’s a double edge sword and just having the number displayed of how many reviews you have is not a bad idea. Perhaps giving anonymity to all buyers on the feedback page and just posting the feedback alone is a better way to go.

And example would be replacing the name with the word buyer:

Buyer said…

Great work!

I have personally received a few messages from old clients letting me know that someone was trying to give me a bad rep, but their loyalty was with me. I’m sure this happens much more than we even imagine and come to think of it I would support this anonymity idea completely.

Your thoughts?

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