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Someone wants to sell my creation, how to to get things right?


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Hi ! I’m Vincent, from France, I’m a musician.

One of my gig is to create custom songs. https://www.fiverr.com/vincentretg/record-a-french-love-song

I’ve been doing songs from lyrics for a guy. he’s so very happy with the result, and wants to sell them.

He’s asking me if he can, etc.

Should I charge a fee or something ? Or just go along with me credited as composer ?

Any thought anyone ?

Please it’s really new to me.

Bye and long live fiverr !


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It totally depends on you. Whether or not you give the full right of your product to the buyer depends on your gig description.

If you haven’t stated it, it is assumed that the buyer will receive the full right of your songs and can do whatever he/she wants, from reselling, making commercials, remixing…, even without crediting you as the composer.

So it’s better for you to make it clear in your gig description. For example, if you are happy to offer full rights without any extra charge, you should write a line saying something like "For any use of my song, please credit me as the composer…"

If you want to charge extra $, you should give instructions how the buyers can get the full rights by ordering gig extras/multiple gigs that meet the desired amount of money you want to charge.

Hope this helps.

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