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Fiverr My Full-Time


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What is Fiverr ? Is it just another website ? Is it Just another place to buy and sell things ? Is it just another place to work at ?

No, Fiver is not just another website or a work place. Fiver is My Home. My home to where I always come back to no matter how far I go 🙂


My Name is Moiz I am 20 Years old and I am a Fiverr for Last 8 Months. And believe me, It has been great ! 🙂

In the Last 8 moths this was my first time I Actually started to get interest in selling my services to people, I was born with a lust of computers, and always loved Graphic designing, Softwares , and websites. And i created a lot of blogs and websits too. but they were all temporary, all of my work was going in vain as it was hard to fetch visitors. Untill one day, when I met Fiverr.

I am not new to graphic designing , And I have been doing it for a long , long time now . I am 20 and I fell like loving computers for 120 years :P. I use to work on 99Designs and Freelancer, and believe me , when I say fiverr is the best , fiverr IS the best !. I have tried everything there (other websites then fiverr) ,tens of logo designs and tens of Webdesigns , and Guess what did I got ? Nothing. Absolutely nothing (except experience). I had lose hope and i decided to take a break from this.

After a few months. I came to fiverr by accident (Yes this is how it all started). And on the moment i had my first sight on this sight i knew that this was it!. Fiverr was like nothing else i have been on before. My first words “Puff, $5 ? Just ?” this was because the other Freelancing sights were offering all these for $200+ atleast.

Lets keep it short , I started to fiverr , My first gig “I will make Fake Celebrity tweet” hehe , Yes I am embarrassed to it :stuck_out_tongue: but also proud as this was my first link to fiverr 🙂 and what do you know , MY FIRST ORDER !! with in few days of waiting , I Had just started exploring fiverr and I got my first order ! (till then i had more of my gigs running too)

and then I finally got what I was really good at and customers loved getting it done from me. That was Mobiles and Apps 🙂

Today I offer a number gigs , with over 800 orders created ! 🙂 and a level 2 seller ! 🙂 (Want to become a TRS desprately) and 99% satisfaction ! (that 1 percent was my first order :stuck_out_tongue: )

Today, I am a fiverr of 8 Months , I got a lot form it , The happiness of handling your first salary to your home 🙂 happiness of buying pizza for your cousins ! 🙂 The pride of being able to pay your bills by yourself 🙂 This is what fiverr has given me 🙂 Fiver is a 20 years old (my) Full-Time Job.


PS- One last thing , You dont look Monday with the sight of hate when you Love what you do 😉

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