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If you are a video service seller, everything you need to push up sales is a new payment scheme! Many customers are afraid of paying in advance as they aren’t sure of service quality.

Providing your service via video chat you can boost your sales and get paid for every minute by offering a flexible payment tool to your clients.

Want to know more?

Upgrade your PayPal with a new app- StretchPay!

No advance payments

Get paid in process

Get rich faster with better service

All you need is your favorite video app and both yours and your client StretchPay account.

Select variable rate payments for each level of service.

StretchPay-your money, your way.


StretchPay Services


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Fiverr is as good site through which work could be done and payment could be received. Problem with payment system is that there is a lot of delay. There mustbe delay of 24 hours or less before payment can be shifted to account of worker. Fiverr is delaying payments for many days due to which it is not liked by many workers. If the payment process could be made faster then the demand of this site would be increased.

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