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HOW TO: Fiverr Star Rating & Review [ARCHIVED]


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Hi 🙂

This is a simple-easy-fast-friendly How To Guide for a hot issue! Useful to all Buyers who feel uncomfortable or uncertain about what to do with the new Fiverr’s Star Rating System. So please take a moment, read, relax and enjoy!

The Story: Your Seller has delivered, you are on your way to do your ‘interesting-something-else’… but you get a new message from Fiverr…

  • “What’s that again?”


  • “OK! Let’s review the guy/ girl fast to get that ‘TO DO’ thing removed from my screen”, you think.


  • “Sheet! This looks like a School test. And I’ve got things to do!”

• Communication With Seller
How responsive was the seller during this process?

1 STAR = Not Acceptable
2 STARS = Poor
3 STARS = Satisfactory
4 STARS = Good
5 STARS = Excellent

[ My experience with sellers on Fiverr has been ‘excellent’ up to now. Most are wonderful, talented, interesting, extremely GENEROUS people! ]

Rating the communication with a seller as ‘Excellent’ means that:

• The Seller was polite (‘Hi’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’, ‘You are welcome’)
• The Seller was friendly OR professionally official (as in real life)
• The Seller patiently explained all Your Questions and Concerns
• The Seller responded in reasonable time (considering time differences)

If that is so… why would you rate as ‘Satisfactory’, or less than that?

  • TIP No1: Satisfactory in this rating system is considered as ‘not good’. That is why you will notice those red colored letters on your screen. Because it is so close to ‘thumbs down’.

In the case described above, only ‘Excellent’ = 5 STARS would be fair 🙂

  • “OK, what’s next? Hmm!…”

• B. Service as Described
Did the result match the Gig’s description?

1 STAR = Not Acceptable
2 STARS = Poor
3 STARS = Satisfactory
4 STARS = Good
5 STARS = Outstanding

There might be one case that what you got is ‘not acceptable’. A case of poor amateur style and quality…but only IF the gig description clearly stated ‘professional’. Or a case of shady, copyright issues (e.g. you found out that was ‘stolen’ from the web).

Otherwise…what was the question again?.. It was:
‘Did the result match the Gig’s description?’

If the gig description – and NOT Your Imagination about this gig – is relevant to the content of the goods delivered… then, don’t think twice: ‘Outstanding’ = 5 STARS! 🙂

Next Question is a kind of a ‘TRAP’…

• C. Buy Again Or Recommend

1 STAR = Very Unlikely
2 STARS = Unlikely
3 STARS = Possibly
4 STARS = Likely
5 STARS = Very Likely

Please Buyers, stop and think before you click on any star here!

• “How will My Rating affect a decent Seller’s future on Fiverr?
• “How will I honestly inform the others about the value of this gig?”

A person who wants to be honest and precise in life, even in those cases where a Seller has delivered an Amazing Gig, will probably not rate with 5 STARS.

Why? Because they take this question too heavily and don’t think :

“Suppose that…”

To clarify my point, this is how I determine an ‘AMAZING GIG’:

• Too good… considering I bought it in the price of $5 (or at least, starting on $5)
• Too fast… considering people may work full time elsewhere, have private lives, time differences (humans sleep… sometimes)
• The service/ product delivered is matching to the Gig-description. The communication was great. I even got a surprise bonus!

So, before you click on any Star to Rate a Seller, please think… what if this Question was:

• “Suppose… that you would need such a service/ product in the future. Would you buy this gig again?”

You may really not need that service/ product again for the rest of your life.
You may be a one time buyer for any good reason.

If you are satisfied with the whole process and IF - suppose you would need it again… then, why not click on ‘Very Likely’ = 5 STARS? 🙂

Perhaps…you do not want others (family/ friends/ professional environment/ antagonism) to know that you have purchased such a product or service on Fiverr. For any good reason or just for Privacy Reasons!

Here again, imagine that the third Question is…

• 2. “Suppose… that you are able to mention that you have bought this amazing gig, would you recommend it to other people?”

Well, IF you liked what you got and IF the communication with the Seller was OK, why not click on ‘Very Likely’ = 5 STARS? 🙂

Now, the last part of this ‘exam’ :-D.
A box underneath the stars is asking you to…

• Tell Your Story!
Help the community by sharing your order experience

Why not be grateful, generous like your seller has been, kind, a gentleman or a lady? Life is too short to be sad. If you really need to rant, just send a private message to the seller.

  • TIP No 2: In this case you may be surprised but IF you Message the Seller PRIOR to publishing your negative review, in most cases the Seller would either redo or over-deliver OR even offer to refund you!

And now, one more thing is left for you to do…The ‘last of the last’:


Hey! Don’t forget to click on that one!

  • TIP No 3: If by accident (or not) you have published a wrong or unfair review, you can always EDIT! If you can’t or don’t know how, ask for help.

  • TIP No 4: In case of doubt, do you know that you are free to not post a review? Not at all.

  • TIP No 5: Use the message this seller option before rating if you have an issue to avoid dramas 🙂

Why is the ‘Communication’ before the ‘Service as Described’ on this Rating List?.. If I am wrong correct me, but this is my guess:

Because Fiverr is a Community. Sellers and Buyers are humans with ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ and ‘feelings’, exactly like ‘myself’.

As a Seller, I know that the $5 becomes $4 after Fiverr keeps 1$ for their service, then goes to my Pay Pal where it becomes less than 3 Euro in my Bank account, which is enough money for me to buy… 2 bus tickets or 2 bottles of Milk. A-ha!

As a Buyer, unless a tragedy happens, I will keep selecting the yellow stars when I review a Seller.

Sellers and/ or Buyers, enjoy your Fiverr experience! Let’s enjoy this worldwide communication. Let’s make every order a win-win situation. Of course, it is up to you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Now it is your turn to share thoughts-ideas-comments please 🙂

all the best,

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