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Mircro Selling: Breaking Down Your Gig To Increase Your Profits


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Contay The Hero back again with a little advice for sellers looking to maximize their profits with gig extras. If you are one of the many people who look at their gig extras and just don’t know how to get people to invest in the extras then I have a useful tip for you. Analyze what you are doing and break down your gig into separate marketable parts. I will use one of my gigs as an example: I originally did full songs and jingles for the price of $5. After getting gig extras in level one I continued to do the gigs at the price of $5. (This built the comments and word of mouth I needed to make my gig stand out when buyers started really coming) After hitting level two and being offered more earning power I split that gig up. Instead of doing a full song, (up to 3 mins), and having no time limit on the jingles I was making I began offering 45 sec jingles for $5, 1 min 30 sec jingles for $10, 2 mins 30 secs for $15, and a full song at the amazing price of $25, if they wanted the order in a day it’s $40 extra. Now mind you all the while I was doing the jingles for $5 I created videos of me recording them, uploaded said videos to youtube and waited. EXTRAS STARTED POPPING UP! Buyers are now paying $15-$25 for what I was once doing for $5 and this strategy has held true for my other gig as well. All you have to do is show them that your gig is worth that. I can proudly say no one else on Fiverr or even at actual advertising businesses can do what I can do, (I’ve outdone several of them already.lol ;p) So my advice to you to get those buyers clicking on that extra tab is to micro sell within your gig. Find a way to break it into parts and be courteous and friendly when discussing your services with your buyer. You can often talk them into investing in your extras…(when you do do this always…ALWAYS over deliver). Well take care and good luck on your sells. I’m sure you are loving Fiverr just as much as I am!

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