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Make an Affliate system In fiverr . It must be cool


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We all know that fiverr is very popular now . I’ve join another site like fiverr in my country - Malaysia.

It’s murahnya.my

One thing that fun is murahnya.my have an affliate system . For example , we can promote others gig anywhere and get a Commisssion

There a few benefit for us if fiverr have this feautures soon,

  1. We can get more sell since others will promote our gig anywhere !
  2. We can get side comission - By promoting others gig 😉 Just put it anywhere and it’s our passive income


    I’m not promoting others site here . i Just give suggestion to help fiverr grow and grow more !

    And i like fiverr ! It help me a lot to earn money from internet =P~
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