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Let's talk about DEAL PACKAGE


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I offer a retouch and remove backgrounds gigs on Fiverr, until i got level 1 I’m able to offer extra gigs, one of this is the Deal Package.

I have a gig to remove background of 5 photos ($1 each) So in the Deal Package I offer remove background of 30 photos for $25 (5 from gig, 20 for extra gig), to offer a good deal and my costumer pay less and get more.

And works! I have 3 or 4 orders so far using this extra gig. But when i take a look on my revenues I see the fiverr cashed $5 of this order, And this math make me lost time and money:

If i work 6x time more, offering $5 discount to my client. And fiverr take more $5, I get only $20, in my gig. This mean I lost $10

I don’t know if I want offer deal package anymore. Any suggestion?

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Guest celticmoon

Always keep in mind that Fiverr will take 20% of the amount of your sale, no matter how it happens. This includes gig extras, or postage for gigs offering to mail real items. Only you can decide what your gigs are worth.

When starting out, some sellers offer good deals in order to get established. Once that has happened, they charge more (or give less). You still have to think about what the buyer is actually paying, so it’s a matter of balancing your net revenue with the retail cost being paid by customers.

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