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Ooooops..problem..problem..help me plz


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Hi lovers of fiverr.i had some problem.four days before i got one order for my slogan gig.i completed with in 24hours .and placed in order page.but until now my client (buyer) didnt respond.i gave lot of messages.still no reply.what can i do?how its complete order?please advice me?



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Guest celticmoon

There are 2 ways for a delivered order to be completed. 1-the buyer marks it as complete and leaves a review. 2-the buyer does not mark it as complete. It will be automatically marked ‘complete’ 3 days after it was delivered.

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Hi my name is Lili Scriffignano!

I have a problem

Who can help me, I explain, talk to a person to do a job, he told me that he could do it, and when I got to the page, he didn’t understand what I wanted, and he doesn’t do the job, he doesn’t return my money either, I think it’s unfair

Kind regards

@lilianaascriffi If you want help you just need to create your own topic.

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