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Tips for new users?


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Hello I’m kenny! I’m new to Fiverr and I was hoping on learning how to sell, what to sell, how to promote and you know, all the things you have to know in order to be successful. Just give me advice, and maybe some advice from your own experience .

Thank you so much in advance!

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Guest celticmoon

I strongly suggest that you expand your gig descriptions. Most are just one or two sentences. You need to “sell” your gigs. For example, things to do in L.A. gig. I live near NYC & Boston, so I would write something like this:

Looking for great cuisine, high culture, fun or funny, daring or delicious activities in the Big Apple? I’ll help you plan the best visit possible, whether you’ll be alone and looking for company or bringing your whole family along. Let me give you advice on museums to visit, including the best times to avoid the crowds. Tell me your planned dates and I can let you know what special features will be going on. Looking for music and dancing? I can direct you to the clubs where you might spot celebrities or the best up-and-coming musicians are playing. Etc, etc. Most importantly, how much info do I, as a buyer, get for $5.00? Will it be a brief list of addresses for one category (clubs, restaurants, theatres, etc) or detailed info about 2 or 3 venues? Does it include safety, transportation, hotel recommendations?

Recipe gig? What do I, a buyer, get? A mish-mash of cuisines & categories? Can I request just appetizers? How many recipes for $5.00? I’m diabetic, do you have that? Kosher? Low-sodium? Is this an e-book or PDF or other text file? Are they illustrated, because I like pictures of the process.

See what I mean?

Also, your gigs are niche categories, so it may take awhile for the right people to find you. Post links to your Fiverr gigs on travel sites, LGBT support sites, cooking sites, etc.

Now, for other tips, use the forum search box in the upper right corner to find topics and/or just start reading this forum and the Fiverr FAQ forum. There is a TON of good information already here for you to read.

Good luck~

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I agree with celticmoon. You need to really tell people exactly what they’d be getting and breakdown everything.

Also, for your second gig with the heart shaped neon lights, you should consider doing an audio/video intro for the gig. That could help greatly.

Good luck.

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