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Not a great start


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Hope this is in the correct section!

So, I began hearing about fiverr and although I had doubts I thought I would try.

I wanted a simple book cover for Kindle.

I found a seller with great feedback and spent my $10 on a next day delivery design.

I sent an image from fotolia and a brief description.

I haven’t received any replies and the cover is now 12 hours late. When I try and cancel I’m told by fiverr, the seller is human and I should wait 15 hours. Not good enough. If somebody sells a service and then fails to even CONTACT me to explain an issue…I don’t really want to wait. Had she contacted me all would be great, I understand. I’ve sent messages but zero response.

So I’ve used kindles shitty book cover designer.

Is the the site where I will find someone who can actually do work for me? I will be needing a few covers doing over the foreseeable future, and don’t want to waste my time spending money where it’s not helping me.

Many thanks all 🙂

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One of the major problems of this site is that work is automatically accepted - even if you’re not there. So you might’ve placed an order over the weekend, while someone is simply offline. If you live in the UK and order from someone in India, that person is hours ahead of you, and an order placed late in the afternoon falls in the middle of the night there.

This is why it’s usually best to first contact a buyer, and then order once you feel comfortable with them. Like any public marketplace, anyone can join and sell products, but relatively few offer the outstanding service some buyers are looking for.

That fact should really be part of a “new buyer’s training” or something on Fiverr.

Try and contact a few more people from the graphic design section, and see if any of them click. Once the old order hits the 24 hour late mark, you will be able to cancel it, and will get a refund to your Fiverr acount. You can then use this money to order with a buyer you made a bond with. (Fiverr does not do full refunds, they give you credit on your account, just FYI).

Hope it works out!

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Thank you for the help! I will bear that in mind in look around the site. I suppose I’m being a bit like some of my ebay customers who expect me to be at the computer 24/7!

I didn’t realise that the work was automatically accepted…I will wait for a while and see if she responds.

I don’t want to get her penalised or anything (not sure if fiverr do that)

I’ve also just found out that I can change the cover on kindle so If she does come through I would still accept her work.

Thanks once again!

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If you go into a users profile and check on the “Recent Deliveries” you can get an idea of how active they are if they’re an already established seller. This can give you an indication of whether they have been there any time recently and submitted any orders. Other things to consider are that they could have simply abandoned Fiverr being as there is a lot of competition here, or on the flip side of things they could be so over-loaded with work right now they just couldn’t keep up.

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… also sometimes a seller might get sick, have a family member in hospital, an accident or just a broken pc or internet connection issues… not often (hopefully), but still, that can happen to any fine seller.

The tips

freelancemm said: go into a users profile and check on the "Recent Deliveries"

laughingcrow said: it's usually best to first contact a buyer

are the answer :-)

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Guest niloy2013

I have a problem. Someone Order me Few Mounts ago, But he/she dose Not start Order. Still now Order was not started. I several time text to my Buyer But that buyer dosr not reply me,.

Now what can I do???

Any idea guys???

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I’m glad to hear your experience took a turn for the better. Once Fiverr gets a reputation for having a bunch of non-professionals, it will start to fail. I’ve seen other forums and sites start great but were overrun by spam and scams and within a few years they’re lying dormant.

Thankfully, I think Fiverr does a good job of doing their best to prevent stuff like that.

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