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Voice talent without recording equipment

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Hi everyone, I am a voice artist and just set up my account. I thought I could offer my service even without being able to produce recordings. I don't have proper recording equipement.  Usually people hire me and a studio. Has anyone ever successfully set up an acount without being able to professionally record? 

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I'm not in VO, but I would guess the only way to pull it off would be to include the price of renting time in a booth into your prices wherever you set up shop online. That said, on most freelancing platforms nearly every sector is hyper-competitive. You're not just competing with people who also have voice talent, but also have their own setups, and can thus afford to charge lower rates.

I'm not saying it can't be done, but you'll need to be pretty amazing to be more attractive to potential Buyers. (There are other platforms that might suit you better.)

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@imagination7413 hit the nail on the head here. If you're a voice artist who is used to working in a studio and have no way to record from home this will be your path. Pricing it in is the only option you really have to make sure you can obtain the studio you need without destroying your own bottom line here on Fiverr. The vast majority of voice buyers on this platform are not going to be folks who are used to hiring someone to be only the voice and then having to also hire a studio for you to work from.

As a side note - as a voice actor myself with a strong direct business outside of Fiverr I would highly recommend that you invest in at least some basic recording gear of your own. This was enormously important during the COVID days, but remains so even now to really stay competitive. Even if you live in LA, NY or Chicago and you're one of the golden voices that dominates the national broadcast scene and books national commercial after national commercial, having recording gear of your own is only going to grow your business. At this point you can build an excellent home studio for under $500 that can compete on the national stage, at least for auditions. Definitely worth the investment even if you continue to primarily book clients who pay for studio time.

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