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Rework The New Extended Buyer Review Period

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So recently Fiverr gave Buyers an option to extend their review period. Previously it was a 3 day period before it was automatically marked as complete and sellers got their order earnings.

I am all for this system and I do see the use for it, especially when it comes to Bueyers that have a very busy schedule. In that Use case this option is actually perfect. My probelm is that in a few recent orders Buyers have already started abusing this option. I have delivered an order 3 times and my buyer has done the same each time and this order is basically in review for the past 15 days now. 

My suggestion is, why not have this option be Mutual? Just like when Sellers need extra time to complete orders. 

Now Buyers just press a button and boom, that's it. There's not even any limit to it apparantely(as far as I can tell).

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