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Cancelation order after order was finish accepted by buyer

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I feel like my clients are trying to get free work from me,
At first he wanted to make 3-4 videos, and he asked for a bundle price for that, and I gave him the bundle price and he agreed, then work on the first video started, I worked according to the brief and changed what my client asked for, and the video was finished done,

But my client disappeared for a few days, I tried to inform him that the video was finished,
after a few days or weeks he
returned with a new account, he reasoned that his old account had forgotten the password, and he was abroad, and his cellphone was broken and he replaced a new cellphone,
and he asked for the name of his previous account, I was already feeling suspicious about this buyer, where I mentioned his previous account name,

From here I no longer wanted to continue working on the next video as agreed on 3-4 videos with a bundle price, because I felt uncomfortable and the process took a long time because he was always missing and didn't reply and had the excuse of moving to another country.
But he still wants the results of the first video, which should be priced at 50 dollars or more.
Because like in my premium gig prices,

He got a 3D environment, camera animation, several camera angels, and 4-5 clothes with different designs and the clothes were lying on the ground, and displayed on the rail,
which is more than what my gig says,
for the premium ones...buyers only get 2-3 clothes, so I appreciate the video 50 dollars is reasonable,
but he only wanted to pay 15 dollars and that was very unreasonable, and I was a little annoyed
because the bundle has failed I don't want to continue,
I don't mind if the video doesn't get a deal at 50 I can move one but he still wants to pay 15 I don't want that because if I agree to that I feel cheated because the bundle price is off.

And we canceled everything,

After a few days or weeks,he comes back with his new account again he sends a message he wants to pruches the video and I keep telling him the video is 50, finally he is okay with it,
I also sent a custom offer, I sent the video, and he revised it, he asked for 2 videos, 1 horizontal version and 1 vertical version, and there should have been a price too, but I did it and finished it,
After completing the revision I sent all the videos, 1 horizontal 1 vertical,
  he also accepted the order and he gave a good review,
And I got the money,
After a few days or weeks,
the money is available for withdrawal,

And he came back AGAIN to send a message that he wanted to change small details in the design of his clothes, so the order was complete, and it wasn't my fault if the design had to be changed,
because I only accept or get clothing designs from buyers,
Where I provide 3D mockup services, I only paste the design that my client has made on the 3D clothing model exactly like the mockup design he sent.

I didn't reply to his message
The first reason, the order has been completed
The second reason, like the incident in the story above, I was too lazy to contact this buyer
The third reason, in my country there is a general election going on, the election of a new president and vice president

Suddenly at 12 o'clock at night I got a notification that the order had been canceled and my client got a refund and the buyer got the results of my work to,
This is really UNFAIR, how can he get refunds after the order is completed, and on the other side i got nothing its just wasting my time, any solution for this ? I try use resolution center dani said i must contact him and communicate with the buyer so i did and he no reply to my text, and i try chat dani again and got no respond 







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