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Fiverr needs you, You don't need fiverr.

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I am a seller on fiverr from a long time. And I will be honest with everybody here. I have faced many issues because of getting shadowbanned multiple times on fiverr because I used to rely on fiverr only for my income.

You can not control cancellations and disputes from some buyers, it's just meant to happen. You can not control how fiverr level system works or how its algorithms work.

But What you can control is working on yourself and building connections not only fiverr but on all the other social platform if you think you are the best at what you do, and you don't have any competition in your particular niche.

Stop worrying about the levels and stuff. I am shadowbanned from fiverr from the last 7 months, but it's fine. Stop worrying and start building your own brand, guys.

We freelancers run this place, just remember that.

Your success score doesn't determine your success. Fiverr is just a platform, remember that.





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