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How much time does it takes to be a Top Seller



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If I'm not mistaken, Top Seller unlike Level 1 and 2 are not handled automatically on the 14th of every month and instead is evaluated by actual humans as there are some hidden requirements that can only be approved by that particular team.

When I met the requirements for Top Seller I didn't recieve the upgrade for 4 months afterward. I know a few folks who have cleared the requirements for Top Seller for several years and still haven't attained the status due to other factors.

In the end, just be patient. If you are due the status upgrade to Top Seller, you will recieve it. It just takes time since there are 1000s of others reaching those goals at the same time as you - especially with the earnings being lowered from $20k to $10k there will be many more making the cut.


Hope this helps and puts your mind at ease

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