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Experiment in Progress: Can Updating Gig Description Boost Fiverr Visibility?


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Hey Fiverr Community,

Yesterday, someone on another Fiverr thread suggested updating my gig description might reset the algorithm and boost visibility. I'm not convinced yet but decided to give it a shot.

Quick background: I've been selling on Fiverr for 5 years, specializing in motion graphics and animation. The last two years have seen a decline in my gig's performance, and the past year has been slow for orders. Before considering leaving Fiverr, I'm testing a few things.

I updated my gig description yesterday and now waiting to see if it makes a difference. I'll keep you all posted on the results.

Please follow this thread to make sure you are not missing the news.

If you've tried similar strategies or have insights, share them below. Let's learn from each other's experiences in navigating the Fiverr landscape.

Looking forward to updates and discussions!

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6 hours ago, shaunbaines said:

This is an interesting discovery. I was told the opposite - updating the gig reduces impressions as the algorithm needs time to reset.

Do you mind telling us what updates you made? New images? New tags?

Short answer: Gig's description, Price, one Image, Keywords

I was thinking the same way! For years, I hesitated to make any changes, as I was told that updating the gig could decrease impressions due to the algorithm needing time to reset. However, recently, someone pointed out a strange spacing issue in my gig's description and suggested that updating it might help.

Taking their advice, I not only fixed the spacing but also completely revamped the gig with new images, tags, and relevant keywords.

2 months ago, I found myself somewhat forgotten on Fiverr (it was like so for a year). In an attempt to attract more attention, I decided to slash my rates by 70%. However, after more than two months with no significant results, I decided to revert back to my original prices.

It's been an interesting experiment, but the impact on visibility and results has been mixed at best.

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