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My Account got Flagged




My account got flagged after the new leveling system, the reason behind this Which I was told is due to Location inconsistency or due Connection with another account which voilated fivers policy, 

1 : Location inconsistency 

I never used any type of thing which may hide my location, as we Use internet from our Sim card Which may uses dynamic Ip address and before this flagging We had Elections in Pakistan where internet from whole country was shut down only some mobiles with vpn worked, I took a connection from one because I was having some on going orders this may be cause of location inconsistency I am ready to Provide every nessery information regarding this problem or can give physical location confirmation like amazon does for the people of Pakistan. 

2 : Connection with another Account

I never created another account nor ever tried to fake my identity which may voilate fiverrs policy, Only one thing which I remember may be the cause That once one of my friend used my laptop and then he has created an account for himself on my laptop then after some time he found his account got banned this may be the cause, I am ready to share any evidence which may support me on my Problem, I can give his gmail to the relevant team or will always be ready to help me out. 


My Career on Fiverr :

I was a rising talent on fiverr, My every client was happy, I was growing on fiverr my gig was at fiverrs choice at first page among 14k sellers, I have worked very hard and delivered every work on time and provided the best Work, My Success Score is 9 and 100℅ response rate, I was happy that I am growing and Soon will be level One Seller and then use promoted gig among other tools and increase my Sales As soon as my level one criteria reached, Suddenly I got my Account flagged which broked my Whole motivation and that late night Works seemed to be wasted, I got depressed due the problem done evey thing possible but didn't helped me, 

Now waiting for any Fiverr Officiall who Will take a look on my Problem and will understand my problem I will be always thankful to him because Fiverr is the only motivation and source of income for me, 

Thank you

Best regards


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