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Comic Store Logo & Art Work


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Hello Sellers,

I have been reviewing several gig pages and I am having a hard time finding what I am looking for in my logo design. I would like suggestions as to which of you can offer what I am looking for.

I have two logos to be completed which are related. The first is for my brick and mortar location Kid Comics’. Tagline: Comics, Games & Toys. The second is for my mobile Flea Market unit Kid Comics’ On the Run!

Our idea is to do a Seal with the name near the top and the tagline near the bottom. In the middle we want a character “Kid Comics” reading a comic book. The character will be a key component in all of our future advertising. We are not stuck on doing a Seal. We do want to see at least one sample done in that style.

As to the character, one advertising piece we have in mind is a 4 panel comic strip. This will be printed on a banner and placed on a high school baseball field. First panel is our logo with the character reading. Next panel character looks up and throws the comic in the air. Third panel the character dives behind or inside of the logo. Forth panel character is wearing a ball glove arm outstretched with a voice bubble saying "I got it! I got it!"

I hope this is enough information for you all to help me find the right person. I have spent 3 hours looking through gig pages and I am getting a little tired. I am willing to work with more than one person if some of what I have posted here is not in your wheelhouse.

Thank you all for your time,


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Guest celticmoon


Why don’t you post a “Gig Request”? The link is on your ‘shopping page’ along the right-hand side. Although the space is very limited for your initial request, you’re more likely to find interested sellers by using the proper tools on the site for that purpose. Once you connect with some sellers you can communicate further to see if you can work with any in a satisfactory manner.

You say you’ve searched for 3 hours. You didn’t find any seller whose work is along the lines of what you want, not one that you could contact and with whom to discuss your project in greater detail? Since the forums are used by buyers AND sellers, and the sellers offer all kinds of gigs, you’ll probably be reaching only a small minority of logo designers. But good luck with your project~

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