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How will I get first order


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Your gig description works very well and outlines all you can do and the benefits of hiring you. Personally, I like the image and it is always a good idea to feature your picture so the buyer knows who they are dealing with.

The only issue I can see is your need to be added as a FB and Google manager. This will give you access to your buyer's details and potentially bank account details, which will be a red flag, I would think. Is there a way you can perform your duties remotely? Or provide them with the information they would need to set up the ad themselves? At the very least, I would change your gig description to highlight the safeguards you put in place to protect the buyer when hiring you.

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  1. Create a Complete and Attractive Profile
  2. Use a professional profile picture.
  3. Choose the Right Gig Title and Tags
  4. Offer a Competitive Price
  5. Create High-Quality Gig Images
  6. Write a Clear Gig Description
  7. Promote Your Gigs
  8. Be Responsive and Professional
  9. Ask for reviews
  10. Be patient

I designed my profile as a graphic designer, and I know you can handle these few things very well. Then you can move forward as a successful freelancer. Hope you do things very carefully and match your profile. You can view someone else's profile if you want or you can view my profile if you want. And you can see how I set up my profile, and how I gave gigs, thanks

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39 minutes ago, graphic_licid said:

Getting your first order on Fiverr can be challenging, especially when you're just starting. Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting that initial order:

Well, you are not in position to guide anyone else yet as you are in the same boat like OP's.. Aren't you? See your own topic below:

Also, you have never implemented your mentioned tips for yourself then do not suggest these to others.

P.S. Your comment has been Reported due to violation of a Forum Rule # 8.

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