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Scam or Not?


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Not sure if I should put this in this category… I recently got an email from someone that claims to be from Fiverr… I know we can’t name names…

Basiacally, it read this:

Are you still waiting for more sales?

(A link was placed here)

Don’t worry here is the best place to promote and earn more sales traffic for your Gigs.

Just vote and then you can see your Gigs with Fiverr main category page.

Note: Please vote using your unique Fiverr account and don’t use this offer with multiple accounts.

This offer valid until 31st August.


Fiverr Team.

I didn’t click on the link BUT what really got me was the Don’t Use This Offer With Multiple Accounts. Umm… Fiverr doesn’t allow for multiple accounts, right? I went ahead and reported it just to be sure. Also, didn’t click on the link. If it’s not a scam, well, it screams one to me!

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Beware… It can be dangerous. Check both the ‘To’ and the ‘From’ lines. Also If there is a link in the email, hover your cursor over it (but do not click it!). This often reveals that the real location the link will take you is a (phishing) website you have never even heard of

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