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I cannot change my prices unless I provide sheet music and midi for my recordings?


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Hello dear people!

I provide online drum lessons and drum recordings through Fiverr! Everything is great and Fiverr was super helpful with every issue. 

Since yesterday I am trying to just change my prices or my pricing system but it appears that Fiverr has new requirements. For example the basic package should be 30 seconds of recording time only even though I want to offer more seconds to make sense with my pricing system. But, my main concern is that I need to provide midi and sheet music through my basic package? 

Is there a way to just make my price updates like it used to be in the past? Recording with acoustic instruments has nothing to do with midi (unless I was recording with an e-drumset which is not the case) and creating sheet music should take twice and even more time than the actual recording 😅

P.S I also did not find any other seller having these points on their gigs.

Thank you for taking time for this!


All the best,


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I am having the same issue. My gig is specifically designed for recording acoustic solos yet Fiverr is trying to force me to write sheet music or provide MIDI. Never ONCE have I had a customer ask for a MIDI version of the acoustic instrument I record, and if someone does (rarely) ask for sheet music it should be a separate purchase.


Fiverr needs to seriously reconsider these changes or they are going to lose a lot of sellers, customers, and revenue.

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Important: New Pricing System and Mandatory MIDI/Sheet Music Requirement

Hello everyone, forum colleagues!

I hope you're all having a great day. I wanted to share with all of you some concerns I have about recent changes in our recording services and also encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences on this matter.

As some of you already know, I am a provider of acoustic trumpet recordings, and recently, I've encountered challenges related to the new pricing system and the obligation to include a MIDI or sheet music file with each recording.

The new pricing system seems to overlook the unique nature of our work,  live recordings vary widely in complexity and duration. This can lead to unfair compensation for the effort and skill we put into our recordings.

Furthermore, the requirement to include a MIDI or sheet music file with each recording poses issues for many of us. Not all of us have the time, expertise, or resources to fulfill this demand, and some trumpet pieces can be challenging to transcribe due to their complexity.

Therefore, I want to encourage everyone to share their concerns and experiences related to these changes. Together, we can bring this to the attention of the support service and work together to find a more equitable and suitable solution for all.

Our collective voice has great power, so I urge everyone to voice their opinions and experiences. Together, we can make our concern heard and strive to improve our conditions as providers of recordings.

Thank you all for your participation and support!

Best regards,

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Wtf is going on with Fiverr? I log in and all of a sudden I have to deliver sheet music / MIDI files and I have zero knowledge on either! I learn and play by ear, that's how I've always been. It's also making me apply 30 seconds at the most to my cheapest delivery option. I apologize if I'm coming off angry but this is seriously unreasonable and annoying. We need to complain as much as possible until they fix these things. I should not be forced into delivering something I have no knowledge of and I shouldn't be forced into dropping my recording time just to please Fiverr. 

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Summarizing the changes I noted:

1. Now your basic plan must have *only* 30 recording seconds.
2. Now your basic plan must offer *only* one track.
3. Now your basic plan must deliver *always* sheet music or MIDI files.

My guess is that the goal is to force the use of packages, which could be okay, but this is a wrong path, because:

#1: What if I want to charge by song? Then it got no sense to offer a plan of only 30 seconds.
#2: What if I don't want to sell anybody a mono track? I have seven mics, a mono track of a drum set is useless.
#3: There is no way I'm going to write down a transcription for every made execution.

I think this change is being enforced only to those of us who tried to update our gigs, maybe that's why there are few complains.

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So, I have been talking with support for 3 days. Some did not understand the issue, some told me we can change category (which doesn't make sense for recording musicians to appear as something else) etc etc.. 

One thing I noticed in my dashboard is: it appears that the change aims to affect everyone. As a requirement, it shows that these changes need to be made by October 7th.

From the moment I saw that, a very high number of sellers did the change. The same day before getting the notification, less than 50 sellers had the midi/sheet music. 

Later that day, 240 had it. Now, it is 732 gigs that offer that. 

However, I saw that most people continue as before and they simply do not send sheet music. After all, I never ever heard someone asking for a score of what a recording artist played. 

But it still does not look nice in any way because a buyer could at any point now demand that since it's included in the package. 

Let's see

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In my case, the enforced "one track basic package" is still an issue, no serious musician/producer/engineer is going to pay for a full drum set recorded in a mono track, plus, this implies the extra work of mixing and mastering only for the cheapest package 😞

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