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How much did you guys earn from Fiverr in the first month?



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25 minutes ago, hasnain_473 said:

You are right but I want to motivate❤️ myself by watching other people

Elon Musk has a net worth of $22,580 crores but can you reach that level? So, what's the point of motivating yourself by looking at other people's income? It's just called day-dreaming.

The point is how much skill you have and what level you can reach with those skills and most importantly how much effort you are putting in to improve yourself. Here, there are people making $100,000 a year and there are also people who are making nothing at all. You don't have to worry about "earnings potential" as this is a huge marketplace with thousands of buyers. You just need to work on yourself.

Motivate yourself by looking at your graph charts and not by looking at the charts of others.

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Your question can either excite some people or disappoint, in any case opening a gig at fiverr does not mean you will earn money, as many have suggested that we need to improve our gig qauality , like profile, description etc. I have been at Fiverr for 50 days, get about 3 impression each day and have earned $0, but that is not discouraging, at least I am improving my gig, profile, description, also as I have worked in industry for several years I am confident of delivering as and when I get orders, but if I do not get any orders , still I will not feel bad because at least I would not have the remorse that  when I switched to freelancing I did not try Fiverr.

So may be some will earn some not, but we tried and worked and made attempts to improve ourselves.

The question I would rather ask is how many from among us , earned nothing in the first month and still made a living out of Fiverr , that will give more optimism and some good points about continuous skill upgradation, perseverance etc.

Any way wish you good luck for your future at Fiverr.


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2 hours ago, hasnain_473 said:

How much did you guys earn from Sayor in the first month?

You are just wasting your precious time by creating useless topics/questions here. Use your time well in optimizing your gigs and you should be worried about not getting orders. 

What is Sayor? Elaborate..

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