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Level 1 in 2 weeks! It works. Just have to make it happen!


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Hi Guys!,

This is the story to share with you my Journey to Level 1 on Fiverr. 4 months ago, during the month of April. I started on Fiverr. For 3months, I was slacking, leaving fiverr alone. Until one day, I opened this Fiverr Forum and looked into the stories column. I see people changing their lives on Fiverr. Having complete freedom staying at home. Until this month of July, I made my move. I started my First gig. A week later I sold 1. I was like, wow. It may be just $5. However, I am sure of one thing. It WORKS. I started listing several gigs which are of my profession. Until 2 weeks later, I completed 10 sales. 95% Rating. 10000% Awesomeness.

Until the 31st of July, I finally achieved my goal, Level 1. It takes approximately 2weeks & 2days. Here is the thing to point out to you guys, Fiverr is the platform for people to create that lifestyle. You see when we ever reached 10-20 sales a day. Its a different story. Its Full-time income= More time with family and friends.

For my happiness of today, I decided to give out my ebook out to anyone who contacts me. 100% Free of Charge. I am giving out this offer from the 1st of August to the 3rd. This is to help the people trying & Struggling on fiverr. It states all my process, my secrets and how I do stuffs to achieve that level of progress today. I wouldn’t say I’m successful in Fiverr, but I can say that I have a successful Start.

Just contact me & I would get back to ya!

Your FiverrMate,


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