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I'm a buyer and I'm looking for help with my Facebook marketing


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I need help with my Facebook profil to maximize British and Canadian traffic to my online business.

I’m willing to consider everything from buying targeted likes followers friends to even purchasing traffic or any other possible course of action. And yes I’m paying for this.

Please contact me directly here on fiver and we’ll setup up this gig



If you’re wondering why I chose the forum to “request this gig” it’s because whoever approves or disapproves of “requested gigs” is a half-wit. I’ve already have lodged a complaint with customer service

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Hi 🙂

First, I wish you lots of ‘real’ likes/followers/friends. Why am I saying that? Because most people here in the forum who have used the ‘buy-fans’ method, have been complaining that what they got was fake profiles and bots and the rest… Today this might result that your pages will get closed. Also people who have bought some 1.000 likes see that after a few days the likes start going away. What a bad image that would be for your work…One day 2.000 fans… one week later 35 fans…

Possibly that is the reason why your requests are rejected by Fiverr: to protect you!

Of course it is up to you and you can try 🙂

wish you all the best !

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Reply to @happyspace:

I don’t buy fans/likes in mass. What I do is only buy my target group demographic.

Bots, fake followers/friends/etc… Can only provide a *swarm".


Is where I have a problem with Fiverr.

If I post a gig request that accepts everything it will be approved.

But if I put a stipulation of something like “wanted Twitter followers from Scotland” it will be denied

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Reply to @mikedigger:

I’ll take you word for it… What do you suggest?

I have 3 markets that account for 95% of my business.

  1. Primary market is France because that’s is where my busines is located
  2. Seconday market is England because culturally there’s a large demand
  3. Seconday market is Canada again a cultural demand

    Pinterest and traditional local marketing supplies me with all the French traffic I need.

    But targeting England and Canada is difficult
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