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Illegal Gigs on fiverr


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I’m a motion graphic designer and many gigs on fiverr use my works ( = my project files I sell for one-time use), although the creators have no license to do so.

Fiverr is full of copyright infringing gigs.

I have several times in the past year contacted fiverr support to get illegal gigs removed, and fiverr did remove them after a while. However, fiverr now refuses to response to my official DMCA documents and keep on offering my content to make money out of it.

If by any chance here is a seller that has no illegal gigs based on stolen work he might rethink the reputation of fiverr, which is in my business area already known as a place for pure fraud, copyright infringement and stealing money.

If fiverr still wants to act like they are caring for copyright, they might be so nice and response to my numerous emails.


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