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Sortable lists/items on lists

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I like the lists feature and I use it a lot to bookmark gigs that I think could be useful now or in the future. However, it would be nice to do more with the lists and the items on said lists.

Right now, the first list I ever created is the default list everything is added to when I add via the heart symbol, which is annoying when I'm browsing for items that get added to a different list. I have the click the "Save to lists" and scroll to that particular list, which is a bit tedious.

I would like to be able to reorder these lists or be able to set which list is the default list to adding. This would make things easier when browsing and adding to lists.

Also, being able to organize lists generally within the "My lists" screen would be helpful as well. Now, they're just in whatever order I thought of and added them in, instead of being grouped/sorted by what they're used for or whatever.

This could be extended to the items on the list as well. Being able to sort them and keep your favorite gigs at the top of your list and such would be convenient.

Another nice addition, would be to sort them into folders or groups in some way. I have multiple projects on the go, and have certain gigs that I may only consider for a particular project and not others. Why can't I have a folder for "Project A" and within that, various lists of gigs that I may use for that particular project?

Just some thoughts to add some increased functionality to a well used feature that currently, only does the bare minimum. It could do a lot more and improve the user experience greatly.

Thank you.

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