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Update the pricing factors for your Gig to increase clarity and sales. (Honest opinion)

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Your Gig and/or the visibility of your Gig may be affected if these required modifications are not made.

In my case its advice me to increate to a minimu of 25ud

This would be great if everyone are forced to do it, but how can i increase my price if all other seller have a price of 10usd or even 5usd. We everyone knows that a lot of seller feels that they are slave, this is they way they work and its fine. This is why i think is good idea to increase all the prices, no one should work for a 5 dolars at least increase what you offer but never for 5 usd... Then why fiverr for to even increase more my price and all other seller i saw in the search are still showing 5 and 10  usd price and showing at first place.

It will be better if everyone if forced radically to increase prices and the people who dont update their price take it out of the search. But dont punish just a side. Everyone wil win and win. Even the seller who thinks are slaves will win.

My honest opinion.

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