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Avoid the rookie mistake I made in Freelancing β€‹πŸ˜‘β€‹ But you should not ⬇️


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πŸ‘‰Β Don't jump into money talks too quickly
Understand the tasks then send the proposal. πŸ’°

It shows you are mature. 😎

Β πŸ‘‰Β Instead of repeatedly sending questionnaires again & again
try jumping on a call to understand your client's pain points, If it's not possible send a doc file at a time.

Remember this technique and thank me later 😍

Β πŸ‘‰Β Never work without the order as a freelancer.
Aim to secure an upfront deposit before starting any project. After accepting the order you can start the work.

Don't undervalue yourself. Charge what you deserve.

Β πŸ‘‰Β No contracts, no guarantee. Use written contracts to outline work details, payment terms, and deadlines. Write everything in detail.

Trust me it will help you a lot.Β You will have a better relationship with your client.

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