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Fiverr Vacation


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Hi All! I just wanted to know what to do with fiverr when I would have to go on Eid vacations. I know that simply putting it on vacation mode will suspend all of the gigs, but what if I have orders in Que? I am receiving orders and I want to know if I am going to lose my sales and rating due to vacation? Please help me understand as to what would be the status of my orders if I choose vacation mode.

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You have a couple of options here.

For Vacation mode, You won’t receive new orders, but buyers will be able to request a notification when you return. You’ll get an email update every day about how many buyers are waiting to be notified that you are coming back, and when you do return, they will all be notified that your gig is active. If you are in vacation mode, the orders you have already will continue to count down, so if you have a lot in your queue I would recommend shutting down a day early to handle all your orders and clear your queue before you leave.

Second, you could change the delivery duration of your gig to account for the extra time you need to take time off. If you do this, I would recommend making a note in your profile that you won’t be working for those particular days, but you are still accepting orders and will deliver them in a timely fashion upon your return.

Hope this helps!


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