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Sudden drop in sales March


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Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing fine and business going great! 

This month somehow being hard on me. I am experiencing something what i've never experienced before on Fiverr as a seller. Everything was quite great for me on the platform, considering  my  statistics (  I was on vacation on July of 2022 and  October, November of 2022 I was VERY busy with completion of moving to another country so i've set up "vacation mode"). Never had problems with getting new orders. Sometimes it was fantastic, sometimes a bit less, but overall my experience on Fiverr was great!  Other times  i even had to deny working on new projects due the lack of time, working on other orders.  My inbox have been always active and i got new messages. This month it's almost dead. Not sure what exactly is going on. There was a moment when I've started to worry about AI ( since my field is art and  it's huge arena for competitors). But in the end i'm not a digital artist, I draw traditionally so i'm not sure how it could possibly influence. Also my everyday statistic with impressions and clicks somehow acts weird. One day it rises up, next day it goes down and no smooth rising or descending like it was always before.

Does anyone experience anything similar recently? Im trying to understand what to do about it and if there is a possibilities to do anything. Promoted gigs don't really help ( it always worked for me before).

Good Luck with the sales, guys!



graph statistics_.jpg

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