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Hi, I need a review of my profile (fiverr.com/nouman_riaz2). I am getting a good amount of impressions but near zero clicks. I am struggling hard, ever since my profile become level 2, amount of orders getting low. Only past 1 or 2 clients are buying my service no new orders.
Fiverr Community, can you help me in identifying what I missed? Thank you.

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1 hour ago, asadaj1648 said:
Here you go, the 8 cool tips to Get More Orders on Fiverr:
  1. Make a Plan. Make a plan that is much important. ...
  2. Get Fake Views. ...
  3. Make your Profile look Professional. ...
  4. Add Mind Blowing description to your Gig. ...
  5. Country. ...
  6. Add Videos to Your gigs. ...
  7. Stay Active. ...
  8. Offer Money Back Guarantee.

Sorry, But is it not against the Fiverr rules to get fake view?

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