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I made this... Into THIS... Using AI and an EQ


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This is for all you singers, voice-overs and audio people out there. 

First, a short explanation: 

I'm a voice-over actor, but I'm also an audobook producer. Sometimes, independent writers reach out to me, wanting to record their own audiobook. "Good lord," is my first thought. "The audio quality of an amateur recording in their living room. Again?!"

Editing and producing any piece of audio recorded in less-than-ideal conditions (i.e. a professional studio) can be a nightmare. 

Back to the project: I got the files, and as I suspected, the audio was horrible. No way you could publish anything like that and sell it. 

Anyway, I decided it was time for a challenge – not for me – but for AI. As we all know, the web is now littered with AI tools for anything from text and image generation to music production and graphics design. I'm probably not the only one who got the chills from watching Microsoft's last trailer for Copilot

And while AI will leave a lot of us without jobs in the future, it can also be an amazing tool too.

In the case of this audiobook I was working on, I wanted to try Adobe Podcast and their new enhanchment tool for audio. It promises to make bad audio sound like it's recorded in a professional studio. 

Really!? I've spent thousands of bucks perfecting my studio with high-end gear and acoustic treatment. Is Adobe telling me I can now achieve the same on a smart phone? 

Well yes, that is what they're claiming. I don't agree, of course. It's not THAT good. But it is freakin' impressing, and then some. 

Just listen to the comparison attached below. The audio has only been through Adobe's enhancher and then through a simple EQ to remove rumble. That's it. 

I'm officially impressed. 

Does this mean anyone with a smartphone and a Creative Cloud subscription can now be a professional voice-over talent? Of course not. It's not the thousands I've spent on gear that makes me a professional voice actor. It's my experience

But if I'm ever on the road and my portable recording studio just won't cut it, this tool is a godsend. 

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