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My profile stopped reciving impressions and clicks (and orders) after a bad review 3 months ago


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Hi, i'm Francesco and i'm offering my  video editing services on fiverr since Feb. 2022

I have four Gigs and i always upgraded them when needed. One of them was running with 200+ impressions a day in some months, and for me, that i had only 7/8 reviews was a big thing.

On december a guy purchased from me giving me no indications and claiming three videos instead of one. He only gave me about 30 seconds of footage and wanted three different videos from that (really bad footage obv).

I gave him the videos and without requesting a revision, left me 1 star review.

Since that review, my gigs went down, and now they're completely blocked, none of them is reciving impressions or clicks, zero. I went from reciving 1/2 orders a month, to zero since december

What can i do?

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