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Amitbt is our newest Fiverr Super Seller


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Congratulations to our latest Super Seller Amitbt!

A lawyer with a B.A. in Economics and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Amit’s been working in marketing for 10 years. He first discovered Fiverr as a buyer and soon after started offering his services. About 8 months after he started selling Gigs, Amit was able to quit his day job and now makes his living from Fiverr.

Read more about it on the Fiverr Blog.

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Hello! 🙂

It’s the first time I see that thread…

Thank you for your support! I Couldn’t done it without you! The tips, the support, the friends - The amazing people I meet here! So I just want to thank you all! If you need anything, tips, help, support, someone to chat with at 2AM - PM Me. I am here for you!!! 🙂

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