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Can someone help me with first order?


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27 minutes ago, dt_zn_ said:

Hi there hope you're all doing well. Can anyone here help me to get my first order


First of all, welcome! 

Are you able to provide analytics trends.  Are you getting impressions/clicks?  You have a response time so I assume you communicated with someone.  If it was spam, you should report it to get your metrics back. I had a lot in the last week. 

Your title keywords for -dietitian and nutrition on are competitive words so there are a decent number of sellers.  Your price is fine as an intro is fine.

Change the "if you have any questions > bold print - message me before purchasing.  This will reduce the risk of cancellation.

Also, are you doing anything outside of Fiverr per terms of service that will drive traffic to the gig or your profile.

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