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48 minutes ago, rasadu said:

I have 100+ impression now. But there are only 5 clicks & 0 orders still now. 

This means that Fiverr is showing your gig to buyers (impressions) and buyers are interested in your gig (clicks), but when they visit your gig, you aren't convincing them to buy from you. Instead, the buyers are moving on and placing orders with other sellers.

In order to get orders, you need to convince buyers to pick you - not another seller. You do that by making your services unique and tailored to the buyer's need. Your profile and gig look very generic. There is nothing written in your bio. Use your bio to let your buyers know who you are, what you have to offer, and why you are the solution to their problem.

Include more samples in your portfolio - you get 2 PDFs where you can add an unlimited number of portfolio samples to convince buyers to use you. Make sure your samples represent your skills as well as the value you have to offer to your buyers. With 10 years of editing experience, you should have an impressive portfolio.

I would also change your gig video - no one needs to see that it takes you less than a minute to do the work. They would be more interested in seeing before and after pictures of your work, so show your portfolio, and make a compelling pitch on why they should pick you.

Try to think in your buyer's shoes - what would convince you to buy from yourself (and not another seller)?

57 minutes ago, rasadu said:

How to get more orders on Fiverr fast ?

Since you have been doing this for 10 years, the fastest way would be taking existing customers that you have and direct them to use your services on Fiverr instead. Otherwise, there are no quick ways to "get orders fast." Fiverr is sending buyers your way and you have to figure out how to convert those buyers into orders.

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