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Card declined but still charged


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A couple of days ago I attempted to place an order with a graphic designer. My card was declined, so I was unable to move on to the requirements section of the order. However, I am now seeing a charge from Fiverr on my credit card statement. I reached out to the designer and she was unaware of my order.

When I checked our message log a few minutes later, there was a note at the bottom saying the designer is "not accepting messages at this time." Even stranger, when I try to go to her profile I now get the message "That seller is no longer available." I'm now worried I was caught by some kind of scam attempt. Not sure how it could be a scam, but the fact that she apparently deactivated her account or blocked me after receiving my message seems suspicious.

I'm hoping that Fiverr can issue a refund and I have a ticket open with support. Wondering if anyone has encountered something like this before and how it got resolved.

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